#46 - Creciente súbita Mocoa - Mocoa -Floods (Archived)

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On the night of Friday, March 31 and the early morning of April 1, a strong downpour increased the flow of the Mocoa rivers and its tributaries Sangoyaco and Mulatos. Its overflow caused an avalanche of water and stones that affected the San Miguel district and other localities of Mocoa, capital of the department of Putumayo (Colombia) -2. The death toll is greater than 110 and the number of wounded is to be determined -3. The State has declared the "Public calamity" that allows to take exceptional measures for the attention 2.2⃣ Advances: -1. The UNGRD, Red Cross and Other agencies have activated their response plans. -2. Spontaneous groups of citizens have begun to make collections. There are submissions from the UNGRD that such actions are not required. -3 Authorities had asked for maps for the affected area

Created by kaxtillo - Updated - Priority: high


Entities to Map
Road network, buildings, waterways and residential areas
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#osmtm-co-project-46 source: IGAC - Mocoa 2008
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Given the events caused by the overflow of the Rivers in Mocoa, the OSM Colombia community has been activated to improve the base map in areas affected by recent floods. This tasks will draw the pre-dissaster scenario. This project may not be easy for beginners as it involves mapping various features and preserving the connectivity of the road network and waterways through task squares. The project’s objective is to provide a complete road network, all major waterway, all residential areas and buildings.

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